puma hardchorus
"What do you do when Valentine's Day falls on Game Day?"

A Valentine's Day microsite for PUMA supporting the Love = Football campaign.

We made two videos of groups of real football hooligans singing cheesy love songs. Working with 'Truly, Madly, Deelpy' from Savage Garden--arguably one of the worst songs ever recorded--was a dream come true.

Huge football matches fell on Valentine's Day, so we provided guys with an out.

Users could go on the site and dedicate a version of one of the hardchorus videos to their loved one using Facebook Connect or E-mail.

The dedicated video then got posted to your love one's wall and on a unique URL with a customized interface just for her.

Both the site and the custom dedications were localized in several languages.

type: Microsite
link: http://www.pumahardchorus.com
client: PUMA
agency: droga5
production: lolz
creative director: ted royer

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cannes lion direct :: bronze lion
cannes lion media :: bronze lion
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mashable :: the 10 most innovative viral video ads of 2010